Contact Lenses

Interested in Trying Contact Lenses? Visit Eye Express in Sebring, FL

Contact Lenses Sebring FL

Are you a Sebring, Florida resident who currently wears glasses but you wish to give contact lenses a try? Then come to Eye Express. We are a locally owned and operated vision care center that has been providing superior medical eye care services and eyewear to patients in the Sebring area for decades. Our team of board certified and resident trained optometrists is committed to providing the best patient care and experience possible. So whether you’ve been wearing contacts for years or you’d like to try them out, our eye care specialists can help you find the best contact lenses to meet your needs.

Eye Express is one of the largest retailers of soft lenses in the state of Florida, and we have something to meet any budget, lifestyle, and eye condition. When you come in to be fitted for contact lenses, an eye care specialist will first conduct a vision test to determine the best lenses to meet your needs. Our contacts are available in different shapes to accommodate differently shaped corneas, and they come in a variety of oxygen and moisture contents to ensure you have the most comfortable fit.

Some of the contact lenses we can provide to residents in Sebring, FL, include:

  • Silicone hydrogel, which allow more oxygen to pass through the lens and increase breathability for more comfortable wear.
  • Rigid gas permeable, for people with specific prescription needs. In addition to providing excellent vision, this lens is extremely durable, easier to clean than other lenses, and lasts a long time.
  • Toric, a type of lens that is designed to compensate for an irregularly-shaped cornea, a condition that causes astigmatism.
  • Tinted, which is the perfect option for anyone who wants to enhance their eye color or temporarily change their eye color.

To schedule an appointment with a vision care specialist who can have you fitted for contact lenses, call or stop by Eye Express in Sebring, FL.