Eye Center

For a Premier Eye Center in Kissimmee and Fern Park, FL, Turn to Eye Express

Eye Center Kissimmee & Fern Park FLIf you want an eye center that takes care of all of your visual health needs and concerns, turn to Eye Express. We are a locally owned and operated eye care facility with locations in Kissimmee and Fern Park, Florida. Patient care is our No. 1 priority, and our team of professional eye health specialists will do what it takes to address all of your eye care requirements. Whether you need a routine eye exam for an eyeglass prescription, you are experiencing a problem with one or both of your eyes, or you want to buy new eyeglasses, you can get the help you need at our eye center.

Regardless of whether you’ve made an appointment or you need to just walk in to our eye center in Kissimmee or Fern Park for an eye exam, you’ll be seen by one of our board certified and resident-trained optometrists. The optometrist you work with will conduct a thorough, medically oriented eye evaluation. During this assessment, the optometrist will:

  • Obtain your medical history and background
  • Check your visual acuity with an eye chart
  • Take vision measurements with a refraction test
  • Perform a binocular vision assessment and a cover test
  • Check peripheral vision
  • Test muscle movement in your eyes
  • Take eye pressure measurements
  • Check pupil reactivity to movement and light
  • Examine the eyes’ angles, surfaces, and anterior and posterior segments
  • Address any eye irregularities such as foreign bodies, pain from light or movement, redness, and discharge
  • And more, depending on what is deemed medically necessary

As a true one-stop shop eye center, any treatment you may need for your eye conditions can be addressed at our facilities. Should you require eyeglasses, we offer an extensive selection of stylish frames, so you’ll be sure to find glasses that suit your personal taste and stay within your budget. Style, Fashion, with Medical Passion – that’s what you’ll find at an Eye Express eye center.

For more information about our eye center in Kissimmee or Fern Park, FL, contact Eye Express today. Eye exams are available today. Walk-ins are always welcome.