Eye Doctor

Find a Reliable Eye Doctor at Eye Express in Kissimmee or Fern Park, FL

Eye Doctor Kissimmee & Fern Park FLChoosing an eye doctor in Kissimmee or Fern Park, Florida, that you feel comfortable with is important. You want to know that your eye heath is being entrusted to a medical care professional who has your best interests in mind. At Eye Express, patient care is our No. 1 priority. When you come to our eye care center, you’ll have all of your vision care needs met by qualified eye care professionals who will do what it takes to make sure you get the best medical eye care possible. So, if you need a routine eye exam to get a prescription for new eyeglasses or you’re experiencing a problem with one or both of your eyes, an eye doctor at Eye Express can help you.

At Eye Express, the eye doctor you see will be an experienced optometrist who is both board certified and resident trained. All of the optometrists at our locations in Kissimmee and Fern Park provide a full ophthalmology workup, which is more detailed and medically oriented than eye exams that may be performed at other eye care facilities. The eye doctor performing your examination will check:

  • Visual acuity with an eye chart and refraction test
  • Muscle movement
  • Pupil movement and reactivity
  • Any irregularities in the eye, such as discharge, redness, and pain with light or eye movement
  • Binocular and peripheral vision
  • Health of the anterior and posterior segments, angles of the eye, and the eyes’ surface
  • And more

If your eye doctor discovers any eye conditions and makes a diagnosis, you can be treated on-site with medication, eye drops, an eyeglass prescription, or other methods of treatment that you need. Should you need eyeglasses, our eye care technicians can help you find a pair of stylish frames that suit your personal taste and are within your budget.

To see an eye doctor at our eye care centers in Kissimmee or Fern Park, FL, call Eye Express today. We have appointments available today, and walk-in are always welcome.