Eye Exams

Eye Express Offers Thorough Eye Exams to Residents in Sebring, FL

Eye Exams Sebring FL

If you’re looking for a vision care center that offers comprehensive eye exams to residents in Sebring, Florida, look to Eye Express. We’re a locally owned and operated company that has been providing superior medical eye care services to patients for decades. Our No. 1 priority is to ensure our patients receive excellent care and enjoy their experience with us. As a one-stop shop for all of your optical health needs, we can provide a range of eye care services, like eye exams and writing prescriptions for corrective lenses. So whether you just need a routine check-up or you’re experiencing blurriness in one or both of your eyes, the medical eye care specialists at Eye Express in Sebring, FL, can help you.

At Eye Express, our team of board certified and resident trained eye doctors can perform a range of eye care services for you, including comprehensive testing that allows them to diagnose any eye condition. Some of the eye exams we offer to patients in Sebring, FL, include:

  • Routine testing to check general optical health and identify or update corrective lens needs
  • Full ophthalmological work-up, which tests ocular muscle movement, pupil movement, and dilation and allows eye doctors to identify signs of any diabetes or cholesterol issues
  • Foreign body removals, during which an experienced optometrist removes the foreign object from the patient’s eye and then sends the patient to see an in-house ophthalmologist for further treatment
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT), which is used to assess glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal traction, and other retinal conditions
  • Optomap, which takes wide-angle photographs of the retina to monitor retinal health

For more information about our medically oriented eye exams and other services Eye Express can provide, call or visit our location in Sebring, FL.