Be Aware of the Risk Factors of Glaucoma this New Year

Posted 01/5/2016 in News by sociuswriter

Glaucoma Risk Factors

Happy New Year! It’s January, and that means we’re ringing in the New Year (January 1st) with our family and friends. We’re also celebrating National Braille Day (January 4th), the birthday of Louise Braille, the creator of the writing system of raised dots used by those who are blind or have low vision.

January is also National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma, also known as the “Silent Thief of the Night,” is a disease that damages the optic nerve and causes irreversible vision loss. It was given this name because there are virtually no symptoms associated with the disease, and most people do not notice a significant change in their vision until the disease has advanced and it is too late.

Everyone is at risk for glaucoma, but some people have a higher risk of developing the disease. Strong risk factors for glaucoma include:

  • Being over the age of 60
  • African, Hispanic, or Asian heritage
  • Having a family history of glaucoma
  • Certain medical conditions, like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes
  • Eye conditions like farsightedness and nearsightedness
  • Physical injuries and trauma to the eye

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness, and while there are treatments to delay the loss of vision, there is no cure. Once vision is lost, it cannot be regained. The only way to protect your vision is to visit your eye doctor routinely. Regular eye exams and early detection will allow your optometrist to prescribe treatment options that can prevent further loss of vision.

At Eye Express, we offer a comprehensive, medically oriented exam that allows us to diagnose and treat a range of eye conditions, including glaucoma. Call us to today to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, or visit an Eye Express near you.

From the team at Eye Express, we hope you have a happy and memorable New Year.