See a Board Certified Optometrist at Eye Express in Haines City, FL

Optometrist Haines City FLFinding a qualified and experienced optometrist in the Haines City, Florida, area is as easy as turning to Eye Express. We are a locally owned and operated vision center that’s truly dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. We deliver outstanding medical eye care services, including both comprehensive eye exams and ophthalmologic-quality eyewear. This means that our patients can get everything they need in one convenient location, so they won’t have to drive all over town. So, when you want to have your eyes examined by an optometrist, Eye Express is the place to go.

At our eye care center in Haines City, FL, your eye exam will be conducted by an optometrist who is both board certified and resident trained, so you can rest easy knowing your eye health will be handled by a knowledgeable professional. Your optometrist will conduct a full ophthalmologic work-up, which is much more detailed and medically oriented than eye exams completed at other vision care facilities. During this exam, the optometrist will:

  • Conduct a refraction test and check for visual acuity
  • Perform a binocular vision assessment and cover test
  • Assess the health of the eyes’ anterior and posterior segments, surfaces, and angles
  • Take pressure measurements of the eyes
  • Check pupil movement and reactivity to light
  • Look for any irregularities such as redness, discharge, or foreign bodies
  • Assess the full range of motion of ocular muscles and eye movement for neurological issues
  • And more

Your optometrist will be able to treat your eye condition on the spot, whether that means writing you a prescription for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses, administering eye drops or oral medication, giving you a referral for surgery, or providing any other treatment plan deemed medically necessary.

To see an optometrist at our location in Haines City, FL, contact Eye Express to make an appointment, or simply walk in to our eye care center today.