Find an Optometrist You Can Rely on in Orlando, FL, at Eye Express

Optometrist Orlando FLWhen the time comes to find an optometrist in the Orlando, Florida, area, turn to Eye Express. We are a locally owned and operated eye care center, and our team of eye care professionals is truly dedicated to patient care – it’s our No. 1 priority. We make sure that every patient that comes to us receives the best visual health care possible, which we deliver by providing detailed, comprehensive eye exams and ophthalmologic-quality eyewear. Get the vision care you need from an optometrist at Eye Express – we’ll give your eyes the treatment they deserve.”

Whether you’ve made an appointment ahead of time or you’ve simply walked in to our Orlando location for an eye exam, you’ll be seen by a resident-trained and board certified optometrist. Your eye doctor will conduct an incredibly thorough examination, completing a medically oriented ophthalmology workup. During your eye exam, you can expect the optometrist to:

  • Collect medical history information
  • Check visual acuity with an eye chart
  • Take vision measurements with a refraction test
  • Assess the health of the eyes’ surfaces, angles, and anterior and posterior segments
  • Look for eye irregularities, such as foreign bodies, redness, or discharge
  • Perform a binocular vision assessment and cover test
  • Check pupil reactivity to light and movement
  • Take eye pressure measurements
  • And more

The optometrist you see can perform additional testing based on your eye health needs, such as OCT testing or taking fundus photos to assess glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal traction. What’s more, your optometrist can also provide you with the treatment you need on-site, whether you need an eyeglass prescription, eye drops, or another treatment method.

To get the care you deserve for your eyes, call and make an appointment with an optometrist at Eye Express today. We also happily accept walk in patients.  We proudly serve residents in the Orlando, FL, area and all surrounding communities.