Vision Center

Eye Express is the Premier Vision Center for Residents in Casselberry, FL

Vision Center Casselberry FLAs a truly comprehensive vision center in Casselberry, Florida, Eye Express offers medical eye exams and fashionable eyewear in one convenient location. Our team of highly trained optometrists and eye care technicians are completely dedicated to delivering excellent services to every person who walks in our door, whether or not they have made an appointment. No matter if you come to us because you’re experiencing blurry vision or you have a problem about one or both of your eyes, our team can address your concerns promptly, allowing you to find the care you need sooner than you imagined.

When you come to our vision center in Casselberry, FL, for an eye exam, you’ll be seen by an optometrist who is board certified and resident trained, so you can be sure your visual health will be taken care of by a qualified, experienced professional. During this medically oriented examination, your optometrist will check:

  • Visual acuity with an eye chart and a refraction test
  • Binocular and peripheral vision
  • Pupil reactivity to movement and light
  • Anterior and posterior segments, surfaces, and angles of the eyes
  • Eye pressure
  • Muscle movement
  • And more

Once your optometrist has made a diagnosis, you can get the treatment you require conveniently in our vision center, whether you need oral medication, eye drops, or another type of treatment. Should you be give a prescription for eyeglasses to correct your vision, you’ll be able to get glasses at our location, without having to travel anywhere else.

For more information about our vision center, or to see one of our optometrists for an eye exam, call or visit our Eye Express location in Casselberry, FL, today. We have appointments available, and walk-ins are always welcome.